How to Print a Photograph on Fabric With Inkodye

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Pin your fabric on a flat surface. For straight lines, use painters tape and press firmly so that the Inkodye doesn't bleed under the tape. You can try it freehand as well.

Pour Inkodye in a bowl. Three tablespoons (approx 1.5 oz) was enough for my 13x13" Lumitype.

In a dimly lit indoor environment brush your Inkodye onto your fabric. You do not want to soak your fabric but simply make sure the whole surface is covered with a nice even coat.

Place your negative on top of your fabric (If you're using an inkjet printed negative make sure to put the waterproof side down so as not to smear it).

You can use tape, pins, or glass to hold your negative down while exposing in the sun. Please note that glass is most effective, but it will increase exposure time (it blocks some UV rays)

Expose your Lumitype in the sun. I exposed this print for 15 minutes in full sunshine.

Take your print back indoors and remove the negative to reveal your print!

Wash your print with detergent to remove unexposed dye. We recommend washing your print twice in your washing machine on the HOT water setting (If you have hard water, using washing soda will help)

Voila, your beautiful and permanent Lumitype is finished!

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