How to make a customized pinboard with fabric and paint

Start by gathering your supplies. Everything, including the Glidden paint, is available at Walmart. You can also find interesting old frames at garage sales or thrift shops.

So easy, a five-year-old could do it! Literally. (My daughter loved doing this project! I did the large frame, and she worked along with me, on the small one.)

Glidden Grab-N-Go paint is self-priming and comes in convenient premixed colors. The first coat will go on smoothly with good coverage, but plan on doing two coats for best results.

While the first coat on your frame dries, glue your cork tiles to the frame's backing. You can trace the backing first and cut the tiles with scissors to get the right size.

If you have to use multiple cork tiles, don't worry about centering the seams. Take fabric and cover the front, turn the whole thing over, and staple in place. Be sure to pull the fabric taut.

After applying a second coat of paint to your frame and letting it dry, fit the backing back in, and you're done. (I let my daughter help with the little one, which might be obvious! She loves it.)


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