How to do a lifted straddle in a hammock aerial silk

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Take off all jewelry. This includes rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Each of these could potentially snag the silk.

Stand in front of your silk with your back facing it.

From behind grab the two sides of the silk and put them at your lower back. If it is not at your lower back you will be uncomfortable later in the inversion.

Stand on your tippy toes and lean backwards.

Allow your feet to come off the ground as you fall backwards. The silk will catch you!

Wrap your toes around along the outside of either side with your heels facing towards the midline of your body.

Grab the silk right above your feet. Then pull yourself up.

Your legs will naturally come through the silk into a wide straddle.

To get back to the ground, lean backwards and let go of the silk.

To stop yourself from swinging hold the floor.

Release your feet from the sides of the silk. This is called inverted wide straddle.

Grab the silk at the top of your thighs and pull yourself back into a standing position. It is CRUCIAL to bow your head. This resets your blood pressure and avoids dizziness.

Watch the video: Aerial Silk Tricks!

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