How to connect ipad2 to car radio wirelessly no bluetooth

iFM transmitter is the easiest way to play music, podcast, or any sound from your iPad2 In your car radio.

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Get you iPad2 ready.

Use the iPhone FM Transmitter iFM transmitter.

Choose 87.9FM and set your car radio accordingly.

FIXED preset setup that defeat unwanted radio signal instead of sharing and overcasting to an existing one to provides a CD quality sound without a hint of distortion, crackle or static noise.

If 87.9FM is not available in your area, you can choose 107.9FM alternatively.

Plug in the iPhone FM Transmitter iFM transmitter into your iPad2.

Select any song from your music library.

Or pick any podcast or books on tape.

Set your volume, and you are ready to enjoy your iPad2 music on your car radio.

You can now put away your iPad2 in your purse or bag for safe keeping.

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Youtube Demo:

Watch the video: Connect iPad to Home Stereo Wirelessly

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