How to make bbq pulled pork in the alto-shaam ctp combi

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Start with two 3# pieces of pork shoulder.

To make this recipe super simple, I used these two packets for a dry rub. Of course any dry rub you choose will work.

Portion the seasonings over the meat.

Thoroughly rub the seasonings into the meat.

Soak about 4 cups of wood chips in water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Pour the chips into the smoking tray of your oven.

Write a recipe with these steps. Press the cold smoke button on the first step. This keeps the pork from cooking during the first step.

Set the time for cold smoking to 30 minutes.

This is your second step.

The third step cooks the meat to an internal temp of 170F (77C). If you want your meat REALLY tender, you can raise this as high as 185F (85C).

This holding step will let the meat rest and tenderize.

Now our recipe is ready to use.

Pulls the bottom shelf out to make it easy to insert the smoke box.

Insert the smoke box.

At this time you can return the lower shelf.

Load the pork into the oven.

Probe the largest piece.

Close the door and start your saved recipe.

Allow the last step to hold the pork for at least 2 hours but up to 12 hours.

There will be some juice in the pan. Keep this.

Ready for shredding.

Pull the pork into shreds.

Add back some of the juices and stir it in.

Now add a couple cups of BBQ sauce and stir. I also seasoned additionally with chipotle powder, salt, pepper, and Sri Racha.

Ready to eat or store.

Pork can also be vacuum packed for later use.

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