How to customize furniture by painting fun stripes

Start by cleaning the furniture piece you would like to paint.

I chose a variety of colors of Glidden® Premium Paint in a Satin finish to work together, but you could keep it simple with just two.

Prime the surface you'll be painting, and let dry. Next, tape off your stripes!

I used the tape itself to aid in spacing out my stripes from each other.

Get the paint out! Each stripe will likely need two coats of paint for optimal coverage.

Painter's tape is meant to release easily without taking paint with it, leaving clean, crisp lines. These stripes are a combination of Glidden's Shaded Fern and Crisp Linen White colors.

After your first set of stripes has been completed, remove the original tape. Tape a new set for the rest of your stripes and repeat the same process as before.

I went for a mix of horizontal and diagonal stripes, some colorful and some more restrained. I also painted each cubby a solid color, using the same mix of colors that were used for the stripes.

The finished result is a whole lot of fun, and an unexpected surprise when done to the interior of a piece of furniture like this!

Watch the video: How to Paint a Ombré u0026 Stripe Design on Furniture

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