How to make healthy and spicy chilli (non-carne)

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Ingredients: chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, garlic cloves, red chilli, coriander, light shredded cheese, light sour cream, cremini mushrooms

Olive oil for frying

Tools: knife, chopping board, spatula/ladle, drain, casserole

Chop all vegetables

Wash the beans (to take away the excess liquid from the can).

Fry mushrooms, chilli and garlic

When golden brown add tomatoes and beans

Add coriander and stir well before serving

Enjoy 😋 (I served mine garnished with light cheese and coriander, a slice of wholewheat bread and light sour cream)

Idea for leftovers: use veggie chilli as filling in tacos🌯

Watch the video: THE BEST VEGAN CHILI RECIPE so easy!

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