How to make not-so-scrambled eggs

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Ingredients shot! Mostly just wanted to show off one of my super awesome Avengers cups lol. You will need a cup, spatula, fork and pan (not pictured) as well as eggs and butter.

Set to mediumish. But please not to high!

Crack your eggs into a cup. I'm a high supporter of pre-cracking eggs. It ensures even cooking and helps in the event you get a shell in there.

I lost the video of me stabbing the eggs (sounds brutal right?) but very simply take your fork and poke the yolks a few times. Don't beat or mix them. You just want to puncture the yolks.

When your pan is heated add butter and coat the bottom and up the edges a bit. Let butter sizzle just a moment to make sure it's a good temp.

Start pouring in your eggs.

Should look like this. As soon as it settles in the pan the whites should start cooking around the edges. See how the yolks are broken but not mixed.

Let it cook for a few moments. When it's white all the way around start dragging in the sides like so ➡➡➡

Do this all the way around, allowing the uncooked parts to come to the outside.

Let it cook and then repeat until there is no more running eggs. They won't be fully cooked yet don't worry.

Now flip them over. If you like runnier eggs cook for a few moments then plate. Or pat down and allow to cook until eggs are 'dry' and cooked through. You may need to flip once more depending on taste

Plate up and serve plain or with your favorite topping/side. This is also great for family brunch of you have to make a large qty. or as finger foods for picky kids ( sounds weird I know)

My kids and I hated scrambled eggs till I started cooking them like this. Sometimes for special Sunday mornings I cook up about 5 eggs and cut them into chunks and we eat them as finger foods while

Watching a movie. It's a great morning alternative to popcorn! Enjoy!!

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