How to create a fairy chair

Cut out two 5 inch long twigs, four 1.5 inch long twigs, and five 2 inch long twigs.

Glue your five 2 inch long twigs in between two out of four 1.5 inch long twigs.

Optional: Glue moss on, if you want.

Flip the chair seat over and glue on your 1.5 inch long front legs.

Flip your seat up again, glue on your 5 inch long back legs.

Optional: carefully cut 4 stretchers to fit in your chair legs.

Glue your 4 stretchers on.

Cut two 2 inch long twigs for the back of your chair ( lengthen or shorten this measurement to fit your chair).

Glue the back of your chair on.

Optional: Get your last two stretchers trim them carefully to fit like an "X" on the bottom of your chair. Ang glue them on.

Get your two 1/2 inch long twig and your 1.5 inch long twigs.

Glue you half inch long twigs above the front legs.

Glue your two 1.5 inch long twigs above the newly glued twigs, making a 90 degree angle to the back legs.

Optional: Grab your shells for decoration.

Glue them on anyway that you want to!

Optiona: Grab your moss to decorate your chair.

Glue the moss on anyway that you want!

Now that you have made your Fairy Chair you can take the materials and knowledge from this project to make a whole Fairy House!

Watch the video: How To Make Fairy and Gnome Chair Ornaments. The Faerie Project

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