How to make a prairie pixie - guardian of the grasslands

For instance, this humble clock caught my eye, sitting bereft on a thrift store shelf:

The passing of time, however we keep track of it, connects us to history... Disassembling the clock started an internal process, deep within. A haunting sense of memory clung to me as I worked.

The clock face and woking parts are set aside for another time...

Only the structure remains

Combined with a lovely candlestick, this becomes the basis for a shrine dedicated to the spirit of the Prairie

Eventhough the vanished Prairie is ancient, it's spirit is forever young. like this beatific face fron the Relics and Artifacts offering Figureheads !! with wood support

A quick coat of black paint and the symbols of music heat embossed on his torso help to embody our Pixie

Now we begin to witness his mission: he carries the song of the Tallgrass on his body, keeping it safe until the green shoots emerge once again..

Unifying the surfaces of our structure with a coat of black spray paint assists in the process of marrying disparate materials

Our Pixie, has a wild fierceness within his heart. He carries a sacred emblem of protection, a sword . Wings support him, and will carry him wherever the plundered earth needs the spirit of life

all shrines require ornament, it's a mark of respect. Here Dresden Trim adorns this tiny storehouse of life force. All trim aged in black and with touches of golden tones

once mounted on his shrine our Pixie can survey the horizon, while his banner flutters in the wild winds

at the rear of the structure lies a secret vault... a place that houses seeds of the Prairies Grasses for generations to come

thepassage of time and the location of the vault are made evident

A glimpse of detail

a view from above

Now it's time to adorn the cloche that keeps our Pixie and his precious cargo safe. More Dresden trim creates a circle of protection

even the most humble of materials serves a purpose

a symbolic fence will enclose our little one, reclaimed from trash, die cut into elaborate scroll-work

The delicate metal tracery is painted black and touched with golden tones

spray adhesive serves to keep the symbolic fence in place

one more layer of dresden trim encircles our shrine

our completed shrine, housing precious cargo

open when the time is right...and spread the seeds to the winds

keep it safe little one

the Parairie Pixie awaits... The tallgrass will return

Thank you for protecting the spirit of the Pairie and visit the Muse for more on this magnificent piece of art

Watch the video: GUARDIANS OF THE GRASSLANDS Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from the July 2020 DOC Festival

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