How to make granulated caramel sugar in the a/s cook&hold

Pour sugar onto sheet tray. No need for spray or parchment. (We used 1 pound of sugar on a ¼ sheet tray).

Place in preheated C&H and caramelize at 300F (149C) for 5 hours.

If you want a darker caramel, extend the amount of time.

If you choose to caramelize the sugar overnight, hold at 150F (65C).

Pull pan from the oven and let cool.

Break up into pieces and add to a food processor.

Pulse until a granulated consistency.

Transfer to a container and store. Sugar will clump up with humidity so keep in an airtight glass jar or put in a silicon dioxide sachet. (packages of nori sheets-have one in there).

Watch the video: cinnamon sugar candied cashews

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