How to make vegan spaghetti with 'cheese' sauce & veg

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Ingredients: white bean spaghetti/zoodles, olive oil, cremini mushrooms, salt, pepper, red chili, small yellow onion, nutritional yeast powder, almond/soy/or other non-dairy milk

Tools. Casserole, spatula, frying pan, chopping board, tablespoon , drain

Chop all veg

Boil spaghetti as directed on pack

Fry veg on medium heat while spaghetti is boiling (except from rosemary).

Make the 'cheese' sauce

When the spaghetti is done: drain from water and mix together with veg and 'cheese' sauce (in the casserole). Lastly, add the rosemary and stir.

Add to a bowl and garnish with rosemary. Enjoy 😋

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