How to make a piggy bank

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Our Materials!

We will start with our bottle.

Make the pig any colour you desire but I chose to make mine a magenta colour. Now paint your plastic bottle fully.

This is the process of painting the pig.

Now let it dry fully, you could leave it in the sun to dry if you want to make the process quicker.

Once dried, grab a hot glue gun and plug it into a power point.

Glue on 2 googley eyes and 2 paper / cardboard ears to give the pig more detail.

Now I did another layer and painted my ears aswell.

Now we have to add on our legs!

Now add 4 bottle caps as the legs. But before you glue them on you need to paint them the same colour as the pig.

The last and final detail is to add a tail. My tail will be made out of felt with a light pink colour.

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