How to make a color drip jack-o-lantern

Gather your supplies!

Open your crayon box and remove the paper from all the crayons. Plug in your hot glue gun at this time to let it heat up while you remove the paper from the crayons.

Break your crayons into bits or halves- you will need to use some for now and some for later.

Once your hot glue gun is warmed up, you can glue half of your crayons around the stem of the pumpkin. Let it cool for about 5 minutes.

Now plug in your hair dryer and turn it on. Start blowing downwards from the stem of your pumpkin, pointing the hair dryer towards the direction you want your colors to drip.

Take your remaining crayon halves and glue them in spots that have not been fully covered by the melted wax (you may not need this step). Repeat step 5 until you get your desired flow of colors.

Take your carving knife and cut around the stem, cutting at a slanted angle towards the center. Take the stem off.

Remove all the pumpkin seeds and guts from the inside of the pumpkin, and transfer it into a large bowl.

Now you can carve a spooky face or any desired image into your hollowed out pumpkin.

Place a candle inside your pumpkin and light it with a match to create a Jack-o-Lantern at night!

Watch the video: Easy Glow in the Dark Jack o Lantern Pumpkin

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