How to apply show choir makeup

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Dab green color corrector over any red blemishes with your clean finger.

Now for normal concealer, use a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. Cover all green corrector and under your eyes in a triangle shape. I prefer stick concealer to liquid.

Now dampen your beauty blender, and dab the concealer until there is an even spread over your face and all blemishes.

Now take your eye brow filler, I prefer powdered filler, and spread evenly through your brows. Be sure to evenly fill, it's all about symmetry.

Now take about a quarter of a pea size of eyeshadow primer and spread on your eye lid. Give it a second to dry before the next step!

On to eyeshadow! For this look I'm using the middle row of Too Faced: Natural Eyes.

With one of the eyeshadow brushes, brush a fair amount of the lightest shadow from the inner corner of your eyelid across the entire lid. Also brush a dab under the arch of your eyebrow.

Then, take a fluffy, medium, angled eyeshadow brush and dab it in the medium shadow. You will brush it in the crease of your eyelid.

Almost done with eyeshadow! Take a bigger eyeshadow brush and dab it in the dark shadow. Brush the shadow from about mid eyelid to the outer corner of your eyelid.

Lastly for eyeshadow, take a super fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend the shadows to get the desired smokey look.

Now take your foundation, I use Rimmel Stay Matte, and the kabuki brush and brush an even coat of foundation on your face and neck.

Take your contour brush, lightly coat it in the contour powder. Make a light to medium dark line in the dip of your cheek when you make a fish face.

Put a small doting highlighter on the ball of your nose and several dots above the apple of your cheek.

Grab that beauty blender and blend away! Be sure to smooth out any of the dots and blend away any harsh contour lines!!

Take your blush brush coated in the product and spread onto the apple of your cheeks to your temple in a circular motion.

Now some more highlighter! Take your fan brush and dip in your powdered highlighter. Spread in the same place as the liquid highlighter!

Grab your fluffy brush for setting powder and dab a fair amount on it. Brush a light layer all over your skin to set all of your makeup, don't brush over eyeshadow.

Almost done! Take your liquid eyeliner to create a perfect wing. Start from the outer corner of you eye to make the base of the wing, then follow above the lashes a crossed your lid.

Now to curl the lashes! Be careful not to pinch your eyelid!!! Clamp the lashes for about 10 seconds to curl.

For mascara, carefully run the wand through your lashes in a back and forth motion. Repeat however many times it take to get desired length and volume.

Line your lips with plum lip liner, or I use a lip crayon. Be careful not to severely over line your lips. Be sure to follow closely to the edges of you lips and line your Cupid's bow.

Now carefully apply the plum lipstick, do not go over the lines of your lips!!

You've just applied Show Choir makeup!!! Congratulations!

Watch the video: Show choir hair and make up. Music arranged by Kirby Shaw.

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