How to make mint explosion ice cream

Put the mint leaves in a pot.

Add cream and milk.

Like so. Heat it up quickly on the stove.

Once you have heated it up, cover with plastic foil and allow to sit for 1 hour (in room temperature).

The milk/cream mix will develop a great mint flavor as long as the leaves are left in the mix.

After one hour sift the milk/cream mix and discard the mint leaves.

In a separate bowl use an electric beater to mix egg yolks with sugar and salt.

Like so.

You want a fluffy egg/sugar batter.

Once the egg/sugar batter is fluffy, heat up the milk/cream again and then add it to the egg/sugar batter. Mix the two together using a hand whisk. Once combined....

...pour the batter back in the pot and stir regularly. It is crucial at this point that it doesn't boil, if it does it is ruined! Allow to thicken and keep stirring.

When you're satisfied with the texture pull the pot aside unless you wish to add some (green) food coloring. I didn't measure this, I just looked ar the color.

Stir again. I could have used more food coloring but it's more natural this way 🌿

Pour into a container and chill for at least 5 hours but preferably over night. It allows the icecream batter to thicken and the flavor(s) to develop.

I advice you to cover the batter with plastic foil so it doesn't pick up any other flavors in the fridge....

The following day, or after at least 5 hours, start your icecream machine and pour in your icecream mix into it.

Churn the icecream. How long this takes depends on the machine, but usually 20-40 minutes. While the machine does it's magic, melt the chocolate.

Either you do it on the stove or in the microwave. I tend to burn it in the micro but do it the way it works best for you.

Once melted use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the icecream mix while it is still churning. However, wait a while so the chocolate isn't super hot.

Here we have the icream maker in action. The next step is to drizzle the chocolate into the icecream.

It is however quite tricky to get the chocolate inside the icecream machine bowl...

When the machine has done its job it turns itself off and as quickly as possible you should either put a lid on the bowl or use a separate container, then put in the freezer to get the right texture.

All cred goes to Sara Asaam Hultberg and her divine icecream recipes at (the blog is in Swedish)

Serve with mint leaves and possibly chocolate cake.

Watch the video: How to make ice cream - mint oreo

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